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 25 year ago we sold our first fresh kitchen herbs on the market in Nijmegen. Soon the hotel and catering industry discovered the pure and natural taste. In the kitchen a limited shelf life of fresh herbs isn’t always convenient. That’s why we started in 1995 with processing fresh kitchen herbs in oil. In this way the shelf life was extended.

With the rising demand we gave our full attention to our fresh pestos, tapenades and sauces. Under the registered tradename Lisimo for the foodservice market and Leqrs and Amenam for the retail market.

Our passion


  Extract B.V, under the trademark Lisimo and Leqrs, off ers you a wide range of fresh pestos,tapenades and sauces. We look for the very best ingredients from local providers and abroad. We don’t use any additives in our products. To keep the taste pure, we also produce our products only with natural ingredients.


Since we are a horizontal company, it allows us as a traditional producer to be very fl exible and service oriented. Apart from our standard range for wholesalers for the hotel and catering industry and specialized organic supermarkets, we also deliver to diff erent businesses in Europe ready-made products based on our fresh ingredients. We listen to our clients, adapt to their needs and constantly look for innovative solutions. Listening to the customer and product development are the most important pillars in our company.


All our products are produced following high quality standards. We chose to structure the production process according to the BRC (British Retail Consortium) standard. Our organic products are SKAL certifi ed (ORGANIC label).


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Diederick Eikelboom
General Manager

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Petra Smit

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